The first edition of the European Satire Festival organized as an accompanying event to the World Climate Conference held in 2008. in Poznan. The topics of the competition were the following slogans:

1. Climate change. Water.

2. Famous painters in caricature

3. Free subject

In the city center of Poznań, a miniature Eiffel Tower was erected, 15 meters high and weighing over 16 tons. Around it, painters, portraitists, caricaturists and sculptors set out with easels over the weekend, there were also stalls with art products, stalls with food, wine and other drinks. Singers, dancers, circus performers and cabaret performers performed on the stage and in the square. Of course, there was also a tent with exhibited works sent to the competition from almost all over Europe and beyond. It was a great celebration of European bohemia. Honorary Patronage was granted to the festival by the French Embassy in Poland and the Mayor of Poznań.


II. Edition of the festival organized on the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald (July 15, 1410), especially important for Poland. Artists from all over Europe were invited to the competition, as descendants of knights fighting on both sides. The final of the competition and the post-plein-air exhibition were organized in the halls of the castle in Malbork (in the 15th century it was the seat of the Teutonic Order).


III. The edition of the festival was organized as an absolutely unprecedented exhibition in the building of the Seym of the Republic of Poland, showing Polish politicians what their citizens think about them! Satirical drawings and caricatures targeted politicians of all options. The exhibition was watched by all the MPs (although not necessarily during the opening – due to the presence of numerous media), as well as numerous tours visiting the Seym. After the exhibition in the building of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, the presentation of the best works has reached several cities. Meanwhile, the Seym, to commemorate this extraordinary exhibition, allocated a considerable amount (after the opening) to develop and print the catalog.

Catalog to download: