Communication 6.04.2022

Catalog from the competition and exhibition “Albert Einstein. Peaceful use of nuclear energy ”is now available in PDF format. For viewing and downloading.


Communication 1.02.2022

• We would like to inform you that we will contact the winners of the competition within a few days by e-mail.
• We would also like to inform you that all artists whose works got to the 2nd stage of the competition will receive a certificate of participation, the model of which is presented below. This certificate will be sent by e-mail. Receiving the Certificate does not mean that the artist’s work will be shown at the exhibition*.

• Preparations are currently underway for an exhibition of works to be held on March 15, 2022. at. 17.00 at the Geological Museum in Warsaw, ul. Rakowiecka 4.

* The list of works selected for the exhibition will be published by the end of February 2022.

The works selected for the exhibition will also be presented in the competition catalog. Currently, its version for the Internet is being prepared. The downloadable file will be posted on our website immediately after the exhibition.

• Please be advised that some decisions of the competition organizers result from the pandemic situation.


Communication 15.01.2022

JURY’S VERDICT – statutory prizes

On January 14, 2022, The jury composed of:

1. Dariusz Łabędzki – chairman, artist (PL)

and members

2. Dariusz Pietrzak – artist (PL)

3. Henryk Sawka – artist (PL)

4. Janusz Mrozowski – artist (PL)

5. Andre Pijet – artist (PL/CA)

6. Alessandro Gatto – artist (IT)

7. Valeriu Kurtu – artist (MD/DE)

8. Sebastian Cast – artist (AR)

9. Piotr Kułak – the curator of the Caricature Museum (PL)

10. Paweł Krysztofiak – founder (PL)

11. Marek Pawłowski – scientist, NCBJ spokesman (PL)

awarded the following statutory prizes in the competition:

„Albert Einstein. Peaceful use of nuclear energy “

GRAND PRIX –  Zbigniew Piszczako (Poland) – the “Billygoats” statuette

and 10.000 PLN                                     
                           for the drawing “Kroplówka”

                                 founder of the award:  Department of Nuclear Energy.

                                                                     Ministry of Climate and Environment

Kategoria I (Albert Einstein)

1 st place        Marco D’Agostino (Italia) –medal and 7.000 PLN

                        for the drawing „Albert Einstein

                              award founders: Foundation of the Festival of European Satire „Bylligoats”

                                                        and the Museum of Caricature in Warsaw

2 nd place      Grzegorz Szumowski (Poland) – medal and 6.000 PLN

                       for the drawing „Albert Einstein”

                             founder of the award: Sądecki BARTNIK

3 rd place       Walter Toscano (Peru) – medal and 5.000 PLN

                       for the drawing „Albert Einstein”

                             award founders:  Foundation of the Festival of European Satire „Bylligoats”

                                                         and the Association of Polish Caricature Artists.

Kategoria II (Pokojowe wykorzystanie energii jądrowej)

1 m-ce           Paweł Kuczyński (Poland) – medal and 7.000 PLN

                      for the drawing „Atom”

                      founder of the award: AdvaCom IT company

2 m-ce           Maciej Trzepałka (Poland) – medal and 6.000 PLN

                      for the drawing „Energy”

                            award founders: Foundation of the Festival of European Satire „Bylligoats”

                                                 and companies MATBET and MATdeco

3 m-ce           Mello Silvano (Brazylia) – medal and 5.000 PLN

                           for the drawing „Equation for Peace”

                           founder of the award: National Center for Nuclear Research

For the correctness of the verdict

Dariusz  Łabędzki 

(Chairman Jury)

GRAND PRIX –  Zbigniew Piszczako

Kategoria I (Albert Einstein)

1 st place        Marco D’Agostino
2 nd place      Grzegorz Szumowski
3 rd place       Walter Toscano

Kategoria II (Peaceful use of nuclear energy)

1 m-ce           Paweł Kuczyński
2 m-ce           Maciej Trzepałka
3 m-ce           Mello Silvano

2. Non- regulatory awards 

laureate: Raed Khalil (Belgium)

without title

reward: Geological fossil

founder: Geological Museum / Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute

laureate: Tovirac Zoran (Serbia)

title: Einstein

in-kind prize (home-office desk, worth PLN 2,500)

founder: MARO Office Furniture Factory

laureate: Marek Gliwa (Poland)

title: Einstein

reward: honey basket (honey, meads, honey specific) founder: Sądecki Bartnik

laureate: Mechain Doroteo (Peru)

title: Energy pacifica

award: diploma + cash prize of PLN 550 founder: Polish Physical Society


of the organizer of the competition (Foundation of the European Satire Festival “Koziołki”):

– for the caricature of Albert Einstein:


Nahid Maghsoudi (Iran)  

Mark Winter (Wielka Brytania)

Gabriel Rusu (Rumunia)

Thiago Lucas (Brazylia)

Xiang Chen (Chiny)

– for the drawing on energy: laureate:

Kazanchev Konstantin (Ukraina)

1. List of works qualified for the 2nd stage of the competition    and post-competition exhibition (kat.= category):

Akbar Rouhy(Iran): Untitled, kat. II

Alhabarah  Ameen (Saudi Arabia): Untitled, kat.II

Alizadeh Javad(Iran): After Hiroshima kat. I, Chating in exams kat. I

Alparslan Cenk (Turkey): Untitled, kat. II

Avramescu Marian (Romunia): Albert Einstein kat. I

Bahram Arjmandnia (Iran): Albert Einstein kat. I, Peaceful nuclear energy kat. I

Bandyopadhyay  Arjama (India): Einstein kat. I

Basireh Hasani Shariat Panahi (Iran): Untitled, kat. II, Untitled, kat. II

Basu Abhik (India): Brain recycle kat. I

Beresniovas Vladimiras “VLABER” (Lativa): Untitled, kat. II

Bezruk Valentyn (Ukraine): Einstein kat. I

Bogorad Wiktor (Russia): Untitled, kat. II

Bouschet Rene (France): Untitled, kat. II

Bouton Bernard (France): Peace pipe kat. II

C K Muthumala (Sri Lanka): Untitled, kat. II

Caferli Seyran (Azerbaijan): Koza-nukler kat. II

Calarca (Colombia): Albert Einstein kat. I

Cam Omer (Turkey): Untitled, kat. I, Untitled, kat. II

Cebula Henryk (Poland): Untitled, kat. II,  Untitled, kat. II  

Celicanin Goran (Serbia): Untitled, kat. I, Untitled, kat. II, Untitled, kat. II

Czapiewski Jerzy (Poland): Untitled, kat. II

D’Agostino Marco (Italy): Einstein – Pace kat. I

Darsono (Indonesia): Untitled, kat. II

De Borger Lejon (Belgium): Radioactieve bloemen kat. II

Demattio Rainer (Germany):Nuclear energy kat. II, The Mother of nuclear energy kat. II

Demirel Arif (Turkey): Untitled, kat. II

Dergachov Oleg (Russia): Untitled, kat. I

Dias Ronaldo Cunha (Brazil): Untitled, kat. II

Doru Axinte (Romania): Untitled, kat. I

Drljevic Darko (Montenegro): Untitled, kat. I

Duarte Carlos (Brazil): Untitled, kat. I

Eshonkulov Makhmudjon (Uzbekistan): Albert Einstein kat. II, Electric light flower kat. II

Gander Dawid (France): Untitled, kat. I

Garcia Carlos Monteso (Spain): Alber Einstein Textura kat. I

Gazazian Mirtad (Armenia): Untitled, kat. II

Georgiev Valentin (Bulgaria): Untitled, kat. II

Ghanaat  Ali (Iran): Albert Einstein kat. I

Giunta Giorgio Gino (Italy): Untitled, kat. I

Gliwa Marek (Poland): Einstein kat. I, Einstein 2 kat. I

Graczyk Michał (Poland): Einstein kat. I

Grebennikowa Olga (Russia): Children for pearsful  sky kat. II, Einstein letter to Roosvelt kat. I, Peaceful use of nuclear energy kat. II

Guaico (Colombia): Albert Einstein kat. I

Guo Ye (China): Einstein portrait kat. I

Hajnos Mirosław (Poland): Untitled, kat. II

Haghshenas Mohamad Reza (Iran): STOP TIME kat. I

Hanusic Hule (Austria): Untitled, kat. II, Untitled, kat. II

Harinder Singh (India): Father Einstein kat. I

Harsanta  Agus (Indonesia): Untitled, kat. II

Hashemi Mahshid (Iran): Peacefull nuclear Energy kat. II, Peacefull nuclear Energy 1 kat. II

Hazem Nassar (USA): Untitled, kat. II,  Nuclear kat. II

Idzikowski Emil (Poland): Albercik kat. II  

Iliev Jordan Pop (Macedonia): Untitled, kat. II, Untitled, kat. II, Energy-3 kat. II

Jahsnowski-Herschel Steffen (Germany): atomic-joke-1 kat. II, atomic-joke-2 kat. II

Jaworowska-Duchlińska Nika (Poland): Gołąbek pokoju kat. II

Jing Shan Li (China): Untitled, kat. II

Kaszkowski Sergiusz (Poland): Untitled,kat. I

Katz Ilya (Israel): Untitled, kat. II, Untitled, kat. II

Kazanchev Konstantin (Ukraine): Untitled, kat. II, Untitled, kat. II

Kazanevsky Vladimir (Ukraine): Electrons kat. II, Nuclear energy kat. II

Kelemen István (Hungary): Untitled, kat. I

Khalil Raed (Belgium): Untitled, kat. II

Khalili Payam (Iran): Untitled, kat. I

Khoshanjam Elham (Iran): Untitled kat. II

Kołaczek Zbigniew (Poland): Albert Einstein jako Zeus kat. I, Albert Enstein i Maryllin Monroe kat. I, Krzyk Alberta Einsteina kat. I

Kovacevic Josip (Croatia): Energy, kat. II

Kovařík Břetislav (Czech Republic): Peceful use of nuclear Energy kat. II  

Kowalska – Wieczorek Izabela (Poland): Czyste i zdrowe kat. II

Kuczyński Paweł (Poland): Atom kat. II

Kusmuk Milan (Serbia): Untitled,kat. I

Kustovsky Oleksiy (Ukraine): Peacefull use of nuclear Energy 1 kat. II, Peacefull use of nuclear Energy 2 kat. II  

Leite Juarez (Brasil): Einstein kat. I

Leurs Pol (Luxembourg): Mama, kat. II

Listes Nikola (Croatia): Einstein nuclear bowling kat. I

Loktiev Oleg (Ukraine): Untitled, kat. II

Maghsoudi Nahid (Iran): Untitled, kat. I

Mechain Doroteo (Peru): Energia pacifica kat. II, La formula de Einstein kat. II

Mello Silvano (Brazil): Cartunista equation for Peace kat. I, Peaceful energy kat. I

Michalski Marek (Poland): Ćwiczenia Einsteina kat. I

Miloradovic Mileta (Serbia): Untitled  kat. I  

Momot Valery (Ukraine): Paceful atom kat. II

Mongkolnowrut Prawit (Thailand): Untitled kat. I

Nemti Imam (Iran): Untitled kat. I

Özcal Kaan (Turkey): Untitled kat. I

Partanen Heino (Finland): Atoms for civilian use kat. II

Pegan Natasa (Slovenia): Great Scott, this is real time travel ! kat. I

Pinto Paulo (Portugal): einsteinidescolour6 kat. I

Piszczako Zbigniew (Poland): Intruz kat. II, Kroplówka kat. II

Pitter Klaus (Austria): Fast_bredeers kat. II

PoL Louis (Australia): Untitled, kat. II

Provijn Stefaan (Belgium): Untitled kat. I, Untitled kat. II, Untitled kat. II  

Przęzak Czesław (Poland): Albert Einstein kat. I

Qiang Liu (China): Past and future kat. II

Raghupathi (India): Albert Einstein kat. I

Rastegari  Aqi (Iran): Untitled, kat. I

Rigotti Umberto (Italy): Untitled, kat. I

Rongmin Huang (China): Untitled, kat. II

Rusu  Gabriel (Romania): Albert Einstein kat. I

Sadeh Hamidreza (Iran): Untitled, kat. I

Sanmartin Pepe (Peru): Baked chicken kat. II

Santos António «SANTIAGU» (Portugal): Caricatura Albert Einstein kat. I

Santoso Agus Eko (Indonesia): Untitled, kat. II

Sanz Asier (Spain): collage Einstein kat. I

Seddek Omar (Egypt): Untitled kat. I

Selcuk Engin (Turkey): Untitled kat. II

Shankar Pamarthy (India): Einstein caricature final kat. I

Siminoga Vadim (Ukraine): Untitled kat. II

Skopintsev Victor (Russia): ientyfication kat. I

Sokolov Sergiej (Russia): Untitled kat.II

Sumaikh Ali Al. (Bahrain): Untitled kat. I

Swathi Jaikumar (India): Untitled, kat. I

Szostak Łukasz (Poland): Einstein kat. I, Energia_Życiowa kat. I, Przegryw kat. I

Szumowski Grzegorz (Poland): Untitled ,kat. I, Untitled, kat. II

Talimonov Alexei (United Kingdom): Fisch kat. II

Tarasenko Valeri (Russia): Untitled, kat. I

Thiago Lucas (Brazil): Albert Einstein kat. I, Albert Einstein kat. I

Toscano Walter (Peru): Albert Einstein kat. I

Tovirac Zoran (Serbia): Einstein kat. I

Triana Camilo A. (Colombia): Albert Einstein kat. I

Trzepałka Maciej (Poland): Energia kat. II

Velarde Omar Zevallos (Peru): Albert Einstein kat. I  

Vernimmen Luc (Belgium): Energy kat. II

Vinod Achar (Iran): Peaceful use of nuclear energy kat. II

Voigt Sabine (Germany): Untitled, kat. II, Untitled, kat. II

Voloshyn Mykola (Ukraine): Untitled, kat. II

Wei Li (China): Untitled kat. II

Weidong  Cai (China): Untitled, kat. I

Winter Mark (United Kingdom): Nuclear peace kat. II, Einstein energy scribbleature kat. II

Xiang Chen (China): Untitled, kat. I

Xiaoyang Li (China): Untitled, kat. II

Yang Liang Yi (China):  Untitled , kat.II Zlatkovsky Mikhail (Russia): Peasefull atom kat. II, Plener kat. II

2. Authors of selected works are kindly requested to send the original works by   Post by December 31, 2021 to the following address:

Dariusz Pietrzak

ul. Morelowa 14,

62-095 Murowana Goślina, Poland

with the following annotation: (FFSE contest)

3. Works should have the following information on the reverse:
- surname and first name of the author,
 - title
- information on the drawing technique
- author's home address or address for correspondence
- e-mail
- phone number
- computer-made drawings must be marked as: copy No. 1
Sending the originals of the works qualified for the 2nd stage of the competition is a necessary condition for the jury to evaluate the work.

The authors of qualified works are also asked to send their photo or caricature to the following address: (file max. 0.5 MB – to the catalog).